Brotherly Grub – Athens, Georgia

Athens Georgia has many places to satisfy your taste buds and your wallet equally. A few places that everyone always hears about are Five Guys, The Varsity and The Grill; don’t waste your time or your money. There are a lot of great places to eat in Athens, GA that won’t send you into a grease induced coma, leaving you with nothing to do for the next few hours but lie in bed regretting the poor life choice of a meal you just consumed. A few of my favorites are:

The Taco Stand: Chicken Fried Tacos are great and the Mega Burrito is delicious. Trick of the Trade: Chat up the Bartender and you will get a discount or something for free. I never paid full price here.

The last Resort: Brunch is their specialty. Great atmosphere, good prices and the food is great!

Nona: Really Good!!!! A little pricey, New Orleans style food; if you get a drink from the bar be sure you know how to make it because bless their hearts they don’t.

Your Pie: Create your own 10” personal pizza. Imagine a Subway but no Subs. Hand tossed dough, point out your toppings, brick oven baked. Great Pizza!

Bronco Burger

All of those places are great; however, if I am going to Athens, Georgia and could only eat at one place it would be Clocked. Clocked is almost your typical diner but somewhere between the Godzilla and Stegosaurus things get weird. Then the constant repetition of the same season of Ultraman on the 27” Zenith above the bar catches your eye and you’re certain this is no normal diner. One glance at the menu and the Peanut Butter Bacon burger tells you “you’re not in Kansas anymore Toto”.  (Yes that’s right Peanut Butter and Bacon on a burger. I don’t recommend it, but it’s not terrible and it gets great reviews from those I talked to, so to each his own.)

At Clocked the Burgers are just as original as the atmosphere. During my time in Athens I had four different burgers; the Great Meteor Burger, the Ring of Fire, Peanut Butter & Bacon Burger and the Bronco Burger.  All of these burgers were very unique and have their own appeal.

  • Great Meteor Burger: Feta, Bacon and Clocked House Feta Dressing
  • DT’s Rating: 7 out of 10 

  • The Ring of Fire: Pepperjack Cheese, Jalepenos, Cajun seasoning and Chipotle Mayo  
  • DT’s Rating: 8 out of 10 (It’s not as spicy as it sounds, if it was it might could’ve got a 9)

Clocked Menu


  • Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger: Well it has peanut butter and bacon

DT’s Rating: 6 out of 10 (I want to give this burger another chance because I should have told them to 86 the PLOT)

Bronco Burger: Gouda Cheese, Bacon, BBQ Sauce and Onion Rings

DT’s Rating: 9 out of 10 (By far the least inventive of all the burgers I tried but it was so good. Did I mention that all of the sauces are homemade including the BBQ sauce on this burger… so good!)

All of these burgers come with (unless otherwise requested) the P.L.O.T and house sauce (P.L.O.T, just means pickles, lettuce, onions and tomato).

I often use a metaphor with the Alphas I consult telling them “not to be another burger joint”. This metaphor helps illustrate to them that we need to be unique and capture our own sector of the “fraternal market” at said university. However, after my clocked experience the metaphor may change to “don’t be another burger joint, unless that burger joint is as unique and tasty as Clocked.”

3 responses to “Brotherly Grub – Athens, Georgia

  1. Derek, the Bronco burger is good, but my favorites still have to be the Mushroom & Swiss and Something Blue.

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