Harmonize with your Alpha

Chi Psi has long been known as a singing fraternity, whether or not each Alpha has chosen to publicly display this is a personal choice. We have many great songs for us in the Chi Psi Story and even an elected position of Choregus within each Alpha. The purpose of this position is to bring cheer and good spirit to the brotherhood through song.

Many of our Alphas have used this tradition to bring cheer to others.

Alpha Delta Delta at UC Berkeley

 I was recently directed to watch a show by a fellow show watcher called The Sing Off. This American Idol-esque program showcases some of the best a cappella groups in the country. These teams walk on stage with nothing but microphones and their voices, and they assemble music, there really is no other way to describe it; they build a song in front of your eyes. Using only their voices they do everything. Some sing while others vocalize bass notes. Some splash a symbol and others carry the harmony, again using only their voices. Together, as a team, they assemble a song with no instruments and no synthesizers, it’s really incredible.

This is how an Alpha works. Everyone has a part and together when those parts play in harmony it makes sense to those listening, it becomes a song. When those parts are played at random it’s just noise and no one wants to listen, but in unison it’s pleasant, sometimes beautiful.

Everyone has their part and must work together in harmony to make the Alpha run smoothly, to make the Alpha harmonize.

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