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December is upon us and with that comes final exams and ultimately (thank goodness) winter break. But, what comes after winter break is what I’m really here to talk about…


All fall term you’ve been mingling with your best “new friends” and getting a feel for whether or not they would be a good fit for your Alpha. After all, these are the men that will carry on the legacy that YOU have started. No big deal, right?

Wrong. You have worked very hard as a Chi Psi to help shape your Alpha, and with that you need to leave your efforts in the hands of capable people! How do we identify people who are the ‘right fit’ ahead of time, though? Some common traits that get asked about during bid meetings might sound like:

1) Can he party?

2) Is he going to make our IM teams better?

3) Do the ladies love him?

TODAY, I am asking YOU to step your game up.

Phired Up Productions recently released the results of a study where they examined the factors that shape our most exceptional young people. You know, those people who just ‘get it’…Their list includes:

  1. Altruistic- Students who are compassionate and passionate about service
  2. Change-Makers- Students who are not afraid of change and are excited about it
  3. Passionate- Students who “get it” and really love being Greek
  4. Outgoing Listeners- Students who are outgoing but still really value listening to others
  5. Reliable Work Ethic- Students who are very reliable and work really hard
  6. Respectful and Inclusive- Students who respect diversity and get excited about including everyone in decisions and social situations
  7. Values Focused- Via religion or personal commitment they are able to articulate a strong set of values
  8. Conference Attending- Students who have attended a leadership conference (although we do not know the causal effect)
  9. Focus on Family Dynamics- Students are supported by at least one family member and are often members of large families, many are the oldest child
  10. Involved- MEANINGFUL involvement in outside groups in high school and college, positional leadership is also important
  11. Employed- Many of them are financially responsible for a portion of their education or college experience and therefore hold jobs
  12. Learners- They love learning and going to class, they are not 4.0 students but they dig school
  13. Mentees/ Mentors- Students have a mentor and mentor others
  14. Travelers- Many have traveled extensively and abroad
  15. Those That have Overcome Adversity- They have all overcome significant adversity in their young lives.

Sounds like a pretty impressive slate, right? Next time you’re out with some potential new members, try asking some of these questions:

1) Have you traveled much? (might also provide insight to their family’s ability to pay for their Chi Psi experience)

2) What jobs have you had in the past or do you have now?

3) Who are your favorite professors and how would they describe you?

4) Were you very involved in a church (temple, mosque, etc.) or service group back home?

If we want to surround ourselves with better human beings and better Brothers, we need to ASK BETTER QUESTIONS.

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