Why are you thankful for Chi Psi? – Alpha Visitor Derek Taylor

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, everyone at the Central Office was asked one simple question this week: Why are you thankful for Chi Psi?

Each day this week, you’ll hear from someone on staff and find out why they are thankful for this great brotherhood, and hopefully you’ll let us know why you are thankful for Chi Psi as well.

Next up, you’ll hear why Alpha Visitor Derek Taylor is thankful for Chi Psi…


In the Fall of 2006 an overly confident young man entered into Chi Psi at Alpha Pi Delta. Unsure of what lay ahead, he continued through college focused on academics and a future career. At such a young age it was hard to tell how fraternity would shape this young man’s life but it would, without a doubt, contribute to the man he was to become.

Four years later I find myself writing a blog as part of a job I love, a job afforded to me by Chi Psi, one that has already blessed my life in more ways than I can express with words. I write this blog just blocks from where it all began for me, in an old brick building off of Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, North Carolina. Looking back on those days here at NC State I can’t help but reflect on the wonderful experiences had here throughout the years.

I was originally planning on telling you a few of those experiences but soon realized a consistent theme throughout them all.  A theme that seemed to be so prominent it was impossible for me to neglect. The theme….


The word “with” continually populated my writings as I recalled my fondest experiences. I soon realized that it wasn’t the experiences that I was thankful for but the people with which those experiences were shared. It wasn’t the experiences that shaped me into the person I am today, but the people in which I chose to have those experiences with. It was the people whom I chose to surround myself with that have made me into the person I am today.

Knowing that now, I am very thankful that I chose to surround myself with Chi Psi’s. Are you?

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