Why are you thankful for Chi Psi? – Alpha Visitor Jon Moore

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, everyone at the Central Office was asked one simple question this week: Why are you thankful for Chi Psi?

Each day this week, you’ll hear from someone on staff and find out why they are thankful for this great brotherhood, and hopefully you’ll let us know why you are thankful for Chi Psi as well.

First up is Alpha Visitor Jon Moore…


I can’t help but get nostalgic when I think about my Chi Psi experience. The Fraternity and my life have become so intertwined that it is impossible for me to distinguish the two. When asked to write this blog I had to go back to the beginning…

“When I was young I knew everything…”

Freshman year I was totally lost at Miami. I thought about leaving school. I couldn’t find my way. Then, Chi Psi came along and saved me. Since I was a kid I always thought of myself as having an entrepreneurial spirit. Helping get Alpha Rho Delta off the ground was a chance for me to lose myself in something I was passionate about. In getting lost in the Fraternity I ultimately I found myself and found a family.

Me with my little Brother, Dan Henderson

“Who knows only his generation remains always a child”

I honestly remember standing up at my PSD during sophomore year and telling everybody “I want to be an Alpha Visitor. I want to travel the country and help my fellow Chi Psis in same way Kyle Moen (our Visitor) has helped us.” Turns out that no matter how much I try to give back, the Fraternity keeps on giving to me. The single greatest gift Chi Psi has given to me is the wide range of relationships. From Carolina to Colorado, Winter Park to Washington, I know that for the rest of my life no matter where I go there will be a Brother nearby. Similarly, Chi Psi has afforded me the chance to meet Brothers from across the decades. Whether they’re from the class of 1955, `66, `78, `84 and `97, how many people my age can say that they’ve got close relationships with Brothers of all ages? The chance to learn from those men, and coach (and learn from) our current undergraduates is what makes this so special.


I have formed many relationships in the past 5 years in Chi Psi. Many of them I expect to last my lifetime. During a recent trip to Raleigh, I spoke with Brother Derek Taylor about how amazed I am by the devotion of some of our older Brothers in Chi Psi… you know, the last ones standing during the convention-counting exercise like Brs. Hattendorf, Silverio, Crow, etc. I told Derek that someday I want to be just like them. When I look around the country, I think about the Brothers I’ve met that will be standing with me 30 years from now at convention, reminiscing about when we were young. (You know who you are).

Rho Delta Brothers at Convention in Seattle


When I’m with Chi Psis I always think about this “Over time I’ve come to love you. Now WE ARE BROTHERS and together no one can touch us.” When I’m with Chi Psis I feel part of a community and part of a family. Together we are invincible. That is why I am thankful for Chi Psi. How about you?


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