Quit Acting Your Age!!!!!

children-outside-playing.jpgRemember when you were seven? Maybe eight, nine or ten? How many friends did you have? Probably quite a few. Some of these relationships may even continue to endure to this day.

Fast forward a few years. You are now in college and it is finally Friday. Books are closed and the Bars are open. In college, meeting people in bars and other alcohol infused environments is simply commonplace.

But is it the best place?

Let’s think back again to those relationships we had as children. We learned at an early age how to make friends without alcohol; we “grown-ups” have adulterated the process of making friends. I personally hate meeting new people at bars and parties because it creates an environment in which you have little chance to perform  at your best socially.

Allow me to elaborate….

Bars and Parties are loud, often crowded. Conversation is difficult and commonalities between people are not as visually forward, and therefore common ground with a stranger is something you must stumble upon. The constant shoulder bumping in very crowded bars and parties puts a lot of people on edge and agitated to some degree.  Most people go to a bar with a group of friends. This makes meeting people within that group difficult if you don’t already know someone in the group. And don’t even get me started on night clubs; those are just a breeding ground for social ineptitude and awkwardness.

Now I am not saying it is impossible to meet people in a bar, party or night club. Meeting people in a bar is an art and a lesson for another day. What I am saying is that socializing and alcohol seem to have become synonymous with one another somewhere in between elementary school and college, and I think there is a better way.

As usual in my blog posts I end with a challenge. Re-learn the way in which you made friends so many years ago. Meet new people in an environment that is not focused around alcohol. Furthermore, I challenge you as an Alpha to provide opportunities of socialization focused more towards the simple enjoyment of one another’s company and not on alcohol (Program for Excellence event anyone???). Interact and engage people without any help from Mr. Daniels and his compadres. Be eight again, and make friends the way we learned to so many years ago.

One response to “Quit Acting Your Age!!!!!

  1. Love this line “And don’t even get me started on night clubs; those are just a breeding ground social ineptitude and awkwardness”. Thank you for voicing what I have been feeling about the inelegant means to meeting people at bars and parties. One of the things I miss most about Greek Life was knowing that the people at functions I also attended had the foundation of character and values I myself possess.
    PS -Wouldn’t it be great if our mothers could organize ‘play dates’ for us with our peers of whom they find good influences on us, like they did when we were young?!

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