Give your Philanthropy a Face

Several weeks ago I was at Alpha Rho when I had a powerful conversation with their #1 Aaron Holtzman. He was explaining to me that their recent ‘ALS awareness week’ finally hit home for the Brothers after an ALS patient came to the Lodge to speak. He said that at that moment the Alpha understood why they had put forth so much hard work.

Today, I encourage you to give your philanthropy a face.

Think about the number of philanthropy events on your campus that are put on by other Greeks; popular themes include sports tournaments, proceed days at restaurants and  canned food drives. Undoubtedly these events have good intentions but they are uninspiring. Why? The participants in these events do not see the lives they are impacting through their efforts.

Brothers at Alpha Pi Delta’s Pink Tie Ball

Alpha Pi Delta at NC State conducts an annual ‘Pink Tie Ball’ that raises thousands of dollars for the Susan G. Komen foundation. The origin of this event? A Brother’s Mom died from breast cancer.  Because Brothers knew this woman and felt the personal impact of her condition they were moved to create this event.

Brothers from Alpha Pi in Ghana

Brothers from Alpha Pi at Union College have been tremendously involved in a project called “Building up Ghana.” Because of Alpha Pi’s efforts thousands of books and other educational supplies have been given to a schools in the African nation. What’s better, is that several Brothers from Alpha Pi have traveled to Ghana to personally help with this project.

Next time you’re trying to figure out how to get people to be more invested in your philanthropy, consider showing them the people they are impacting. Conducting a sports tournament? Invite kids from the local boys & girls club that you’re benefiting to be at the tournament. Hosting a food drive or stuff the bus event? Spend some time volunteering at the food-bank so that you meet the people are receiving the fruits of your labor.

By giving your philanthropy a face, you give your Brothers and participants a person to care about and motivation to help.


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