Try something weird

Does the title of this blog make butterflies flutter in your stomach?…Ok, glad we’re on the same page here. It makes me nervous too….With that out of the way, let us proceed.

I read a blog recently titled “7 ways to break out of your comfort zone.” The steps go as follows:

  1. Face your fears but do it in small steps.
  3. Make a new acquaintance.
  4. Take a friend with you.
  5. Educate yourself.
  6. Awash your  mind with positive memories.
  7. Use other methods to pump yourself up.

When was the last time you and your Brothers tried something weird? When was the last time your Alpha held an event with a non-Greek organization? When did YOU last ask the question “why is the status quo acceptable here?” When did you last have an idea that seemed so novel to your surroundings that it was instantly shot down with the classic “that will never work on our campus”? (This last reason is the most common excuse that I get. Yes, your campus is unique. That said, young people are young people no matter where you put them. While campus culture is always an issue the more likely issue is your self-limiting beliefs about how others will view your actions.)

During a recent visit I developed a game called ‘Student org. roulette.’ What is this game, you ask? How does one play? Start by Google-ing “_________university student organizations.” After a click or two you will have a list on your screen of every student organization on campus. Make sure you are at the top of the list. Put one finger on the down arrow and start scrolling. Close your eyes and then point to somewhere on the screen. Where did your finger land? Now… GO PLAN SOMETHING WITH THAT GROUP!

Toastmasters International

Image via Wikipedia

During recent trials of this game I have landed on: 

 – The South Asian Student association
 – The Black Law Student association
 – Toastmasters
 – The Hiking Club

But how are we supposed to host a joint event with any of these groups? These aren’t the kinds of groups that a Fraternity usually interacts with.

My point exactly!… Here is a sample of what events might look like with the above groups

– South Asian Student association: Host a ‘South Asian cuisine’ night at the Lodge. Invite students from this organization over and learn from them while cooking together. Invite your favorite recruits over and 15 of your closes friends from ___ sorority to sample your culinary creations. Consider opening your event to the public at $5 per person and donate the proceeds to an organization that does good work in South Asia.

– The Black Law Student association: Rent out a classroom on campus and jointly host a ‘do you know your rights?’ event that is open to all students. Many young people do not understand basic laws pertaining to alcohol, their right to throw parties and how to interact with a police officer at a traffic stop or during a crisis. This topic is relevant to all young people and a great way to educate while interacting with new people.

– Toastmasters: This organization is founded on the principles of improving public speaking. Invite members of this group to come practice their speaking skills in front of your Brotherhood. Maybe they could teach your members about the basics of public speaking and a debate night could be in order. Think about how great it will be to have these skills in your pocket next time you’ve got a speech for a class or maybe even a toast at a wedding.

– The Hiking Club: Team up to organize a hike! Plan the event during a parents weekend or alumni outing to ‘break the mold’ of traditional stuffy events. Get some fresh air while promoting fitness and having fun.

Limitless possibilities exist for you and your Brothers to plan fun events that break the mold. All you have to do is acknowledge the butterflies and CHOOSE to try something weird. You never know who you will meet or what you will learn.


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