Playing without your QB

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The NFL season is in full swing and week 6 marks an important comeback. A two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback returns to the starting lineup for the 3-1 Steelers after his 4-game suspension (that’s for another blog). The Steelers have been dominant without Roethlisberger, recently earning ESPN’s #1 spot in their power poll. In his absence, a 35-year old career back-up and a relative newcomer have started the four games. Two irrelevant quarterbacks have guided Pittsburgh to the top of the NFL.

What gives? Don’t you have to have a great QB to win games?

What does this have to do with my Alpha?

Year after year I watch the NFL Draft. Year after year the commentators praise the Steelers for their draft picks “The Steelers have added another handful of players that fit perfectly into their system of hard-nosed football.”

Did you catch it?

“The Steelers have added another handful of players that fit perfectly into their SYSTEM”

Because their organization constantly brings in talent that fits their mold and because their organization has a system, A PLAN, that hasn’t changed in decades, the Steelers remain the most successful franchise in the NFL. (See: 6 Superbowl championships) Even without their starting quarterback they are still able to win games. The team is bigger than any one player.

Think about this, where would your Alpha be without your ‘starting quarterback’ a.k.a. your #1? Honestly, what would happen to your Alpha if your #1 suddenly and unexpectedly left school? Does your Alpha has a system in place to ensure that the next man in line could step in without an appreciable drop-off?

Great organizations do not rely on a single great leader but rather on a great blueprint. By following that blueprint year over year, Alphas achieve sustainable success.

Do you know your Alpha’s blueprint? Does your Alpha have a blueprint?

What are your thoughts on all of this?


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