‘Forever’ is about to happen

How many times have you heard someone say “college is the best four years of your life”? I’ve lost count.

Before you read any further ask yourself this question:

“To this point in my college career have these been the best years of my life?”

For me, I know there are things about my college career that I wish I could go back and do differently. I will never get that opportunity though. Today, I am asking you to step back and realize that “Forever” is about to happen.

Think about this; people from around the country and the world have chosen to attend college at the same school as you. Many of these people have become your Brothers in Chi Psi. For the four years of your college experience you are within a quick drive of seeing almost everybody that matters to you in the world. This is precious little time. When you graduate, things will dramatically change.

Think about the daily stuff that fills up your lives, the meetings, the classes, the games, the dates and the parties. More than the ‘stuff’ that fills up your day, think about what you most look forward to. For me, it was always the people at those events that helped me get through the day.

Now, my friends are spread throughout the country and with my travel schedule I rarely get to see them. If I do, hundreds of dollars or hours of travel are required to see the people that used to live next door or just down the street. The most amazing thing about college is the proximity in which you live to all your best friends.

Today, I ask that you think about your relationships. Think about which ones mean the most to you. Which people in your life are going to be at your wedding? At your child’s first birthday party? At your funeral?

How are your relationships with those people at this moment?

I ask you today to take a step back, to forsake the throng and seek retirement for its proper use, to overcome the stern dictates of selfishness and think about your elevated and refined friendships. How are your relationships with your family? How are your relationships with your Brothers? How are your relationships with your friends?

These are the people that will be in your life forever….Gentlemen, Forever is about to happen.

The moment is yours. Go be perfect.


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