Dump out your drawers

When I was a little kid I used to have this huge dresser right next to my bed. In the two little top drawers were my socks and underwear. The next one down had my t-shirts. Further down were my shorts and pants. At the bottom were my extra sheets and towels. Everything was organized. Each item had their own little compartment.

As an undergrad, I used to think about my Alpha as a dresser. In the little drawers up top we had philanthropy and scholarship. Then the social drawer, the athletic drawer and the alumni drawer. Everything that had to do with my Fraternity fit nicely in this dresser.

Gentlemen, I am here today to inform you that its time to DUMP OUT YOUR DRAWERS!

That’s right, it’s time to stop compartmentalizing our operations. In a fast-pace, limited-resource world, we need to get the ‘most bang for our fraternity buck’ at every opportunity. We need to dump our the contents of our Alpha’s drawers and start mixing and matching the best of what our Fraternity has to offer

How do we do this? I’m glad you asked.

Think about all the kinds of events you do: service, social, sports, scholarship and so on.

Think about all the people you do these events with (stakeholders): other Brothers, alumni Brothers, community members, girls, your professors, recruits, etc…

Now, listen carefully, what I want you to do is dump all the contents of your Alpha’s drawers on the ground. Mix it around. Now pick up four items. What have you got? Brothers, recruits, professors and service? Alumni, Brothers, girls and scholarship?

How can we develop events that cater to multiple stakeholders and are effective & efficient uses of our time and money?

For more guidance on this matter check out the brand-spankin’ new Chi Psi Program for Excellence manual. You’ll find more than 40 ideas for events that will help create a unique Chi Psi experience for you and your Brothers http://www.chipsi.org/?page=ProgramforExcellence


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