As leaders in our Alpha, other student organizations and the professional world we must ask ourselves; how can we motivate our fellow members/employees? Psychologists have been studying this subject for years and still have not come to fully understand how we as human beings are motivated. Motivating the people who work for you is so difficult most leaders in the professional world still today have yet to master it.

Think with me if you will about how people are motivated in the professional world. 

Why do we go into work every day? Why do we spend time working at our respective jobs instead of doing the things we enjoy more? It all boils down to one thing… money. The almighty dollar has the last say. We as human beings pay others and they work for us. We pay people more and we expect better performance, and rightfully so. 

 But we don’t pay our fellow brothers. In fact they are better classified as volunteers rather than employees. So how do we motivate those we cannot pay? How can we generate productivity from people who volunteer their time? 

Below is a video which I think explains this school of thought better than I ever could. Watch and Enjoy. 

For ideas on how to incorporate these motivational tips into your Alpha’s daily operations, check out the Program for Excellence Online Manual at


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