Big ole’ Cooler with No Wheels

A “Real Men of Genius” commercial once taught me that, “a 45 gallon cooler with wheels was perfect for the man who had everything, everything except a friend to help him carry a cooler”. This joke got me thinking. What if that cooler didn’t have any wheels? This man would have to ask for help from someone else. He would have to confront someone and be sociable enough to convince them to help him carry his 45 gallon cooler with no wheels.

The wheels make the difference here. The wheels on this cooler are preventing this man from being sociable. The wheels give him an escape from one instance where he could engage himself in day-to-day social interactions with another person. You might see the conversation as follows:

“Hey dude! I got this really big ole’ cooler and it ain’t got no wheels on it. Could you lend me a hand? ————– Man thanks for the help, how ‘bout I cook you a hot dog or maybe a crepe (they’re those really thin pancakes) out of my 45 gallon cooler that ain’t got no wheels??”

Excuse the grammar and replace the “southern-ness” with your own form of twaddle, and you will have just made a new friend.

The point here is that there are opportunities hidden within our day-to-day lives that would easily help facilitate binary interaction with our peers. It may surprise you the ways in which you can meet new people if you just keep your mind creative and vigilant. So the next time you go to the store to purchase your cooler, buy that “big ole’ cooler with no wheels” and make a new friend!


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