Friendship Chair??

What if we changed the name of the position currently titled “Recruitment Chairman” to “Friendship Chairman”?

How might our process of “recruiting” change? What affects might we have on the recruitment system? How might we change our image on campus? How would this alter your personal concept of Fraternity Rush?

I pose to you that recruitment is a naughty word. It is one of those words your mother should have told you not say or else she would wash your mouth out with soap. Recruitment, you see, by its definition sets us up to fail. Below are five common definitions I found from reputable sources online.

1 : the action or process of recruiting
2 : the process of adding new individuals to a population or subpopulation (as of breeding or legally catchable individuals) by growth, reproduction, immigration, and stocking; also : a measure (as in numbers or biomass) of recruitment
1. To engage (persons) for military service.
2. To strengthen or raise (an armed force) by enlistment.
3. To supply with new members or employees.

I hope you are beginning to see my point. What we do as Fraternities does not fit the mold of recruitment, and if yours does then heaven help us. Recruitment is something done by Fortune 500 companies, the Military and other select groups.We are not looking to fill an HR position in our company, or to meet a quota of enlistment to fight a war.  We differ from those organizations because we choose to cultivate elevated and refined friendships within our organization, while other entities utilizing recruitment techniques do not value the growth of internal relationships as such. 

So if you would like to continue “recruiting” then have fun. If you want to continue stumbling through your door to door sales pitch with every undergrad who happens to walk by your fraternally showered table of informational brochures and cool “shwag” that they can’t get anywhere else except at the house next door, be my guest.

If you would like to make friends and build meaningful relationships with people then change your title to “Friendship Chairman”.   

“We don’t recruit, we befriend.”

2 responses to “Friendship Chair??

  1. I’m not sure if you are literally suggesting a change of the position name or more so pointing to the need for more compassion in the process of bringing in new men. Honestly, I think friendship chair sounds a little weird. It shouldn’t be one persons job to generate friendship, but should be the duty of every man. If you’re not friends with your brothers, then what’s the point. Overall I really like the spirit behind this post and look forward to more thought provoking topics. I definitely agree that recruitment is too harsh a term for what we’re really going for. Other alternative names: Unity Chair, Affiliation Chair, Connection Chair, Brotherhood Chair, Integration Chair, Rapport Chair, Affinity Chair.

    • Adam, I believe we are on the same boat. Here is a different way of thinking about it. We are all familiar with the false sense of friendliness that comes during rush. It is that feeling that we as brothers get because we are not having genuine conversations with people but instead participating in more of an interrogation of the five F’s. Potentials see this facade because they can tell you have ulterior motives to your conversation with them (you want them to join). It is very easy to see when someone is not being genuine with you and very difficult to be genuine while having our own motives. I hope this gave you another way of thinking about this topic. Sometimes all we need to help us rethink everything we know is a little rewording, kind of like Friendship Chair.

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