Start with WHY

“So, tell me about Chi Psi.”

How many times have you heard this phrase at a recruitment, social, or service event? How did you respond? I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen a panicked look come across and undergraduate Brother’s face when he is asked that question. In that moment, the spotlight comes on, the curtains pull to the sides and the audience is waiting for you to speak.

What usually comes out is something like this… “Well, we live on _____street (or in ___ hall). We’ve got about __ # men. We are a pretty chill bunch of guys and we think we’ve got the tightest Brotherhood on campus. We love our intramurals and of course we hang out with the prettiest sororities”

What is inspiring about that?

In recruitment (a.k.a. friend making) we need to think about inspiring people. People want to be a part of something meaningful and lasting. Does the description above really convey what you’d like?

For some tips on how to inspire people, I will direct you this video from a recent TED (technology, entertainment, design) Conference. These conferences feature the best and brightest speakers talking about the ideas that are changing the world. Check out this one in which Simon Sinek examines the success of Apple Computers, The Wright Brothers and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The WHAT, HOW and WHY of your Alpha:

“So, tell me about Chi Psi.”

Apply the concepts of this TED Talk on leadership write out some of the big picture thoughts about your Alpha. Try writing ten statements total:

–          (5) My Alpha believes… (speak about your roles in the community, in Brothers’ lives and their growth, etc)

–          (5) My Alpha dreams… (speak about your long-term vision for change and growth in your Alpha, the campus community and the National Chi Psi Fraternity)

Recruits (a.k.a. future friends) and other outsiders likely don’t understand what your Alpha does. What they can understand are your underlying motives and your collective dream to accomplish something great. As a leader in your Alpha, I’m asking you to start this conversation.

I’m very curious to read your thoughts. Please post them below or send them to me at


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